Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finished second period of sea trials of HMS 'Defender'

The fifth type 45 destroyer class is closer to being declared operational in the Royal Navy after completing his second period of sea trials off the coast of Scotland.

HMS Defender  is almost a month off the Scottish coast to test their combat systems and other sensors and is now in the final weeks of tests and trials in Clyde, where he prepares to join his brothers in Portsmouth.

The Defender  went to sea for their first test last fall, sailing two years after the day of its launch, to test the basics - propulsion and maneuverability.

As with periods of initial tests, the second period of sea trials had a mixed crew of employees of BAE Systems, in addition to the growing group of Royal Navy personnel.

The team on board set all weapons systems and sub-systems to the central control system - the brain of the Defender, which is the fusion of all information to give the team a complete picture of the COC of the situation.

The delivery of the Defender  for the Royal Navy and, consequently, their transfer to Porthmouth should occur in July.

The ship should be declared operational in early 2013, the same time that is expected to estréa at sea the last class ship, HMS Duncan .

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