Sunday, April 15, 2012

HMS Queen Elizabeth achieves important phase of construction

Glasgow, United Kingdom - The construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first of two aircraft carriers to be assembled by BAE Systems for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom reached an important stage when the two giant sections of the Lower Block 04 (LB04) were joined for the first time in a precise execution held at Govan shipyard. Measuring nearly a football field, this structure, the largest section of the hull under construction, is so great that extended beyond the doors of the house of assembly of the ship, where you are.

With the aid of a fleet of 132 carriers controlled distance, the section weighing up to 4000 tons was carefully maneuvered over two hours at 100 meters of concrete, to join the rest of the block, forming together the rear of the hull. Next week, the engineering team have in front of the alignment of the units and closing the gap five centimeters in preparation for the welding operation of the block.

According to project director, Steven Carroll, "The operation to join the Lower Block 04 marks the beginning of an important stage in the life of the block. Once the merge is completed, and staff will engage in a new stage in the assembly of the block, which includes the installation of 12,000 barrels and 100,000 miles of cable, before his departure for Rosyth later this year, "he said.

Housing the two main engine rooms, a medical and households, LB04, when ready, will weigh more than 11,000 tons, rising to a height of 23 meters and 86 meters in length shall, by 40 meters wide. The block, which will be transported to Rosyth, at the end of the year is the last section of the hull of HMS Queen Elizabeth get there, where it will be attached to other parts of the ship in a dry dock assembly.

In Govan, the work also continues with the central section of the second ship, the HMS Prince of Wales. From the moment that the first steel was cut in May last year, more than 80 units of LB03 are already in production. Meanwhile, the team at BAE Systems in Portsmouth, is preparing for the transfer of the Lower Block 05 and Block 02 Lower HMS Queen Elizabeth to Rosyth in late April and May, respectively.

The aircraft doors HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales are being delivered by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, a partnership made especially between BAE Systems, Thales UK, Babcock and the Ministry of Defence UK. BAE Systems has a comprehensive role in the management of the program of QE Class, and a central design and construction of ships.

The QE Class will form the core of the British military capability. Each aircraft carrier of 65,000 tons will give the military a military base of operations of four acres that can be positioned around the world. The vessels will be versatile enough to be used in operations ranging from supporting war efforts for humanitarian aid in disasters.

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