Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vizag: N-powered attack sub to arrive by Jan 31

VISAKHAPATNAM: India’s first nuclear-powered attack submarine is expected to reach Visakhapatnam by the end of this month after final test trials in Russian waters. A sophisticated vessel of the Akula class, the sub, bearing the name Nerpa in the Russian Navy, has been leased to the Indian Navy initially for a period of 10 years. It is likely to be renamed INS Chakra at its commissioning programme to be held shortly.

The lease will cost the Indian government an estimated 920 million US dollars. Nerpa was commissioned into the Russian Navy in Dec. 2009. After refitting it to meet India’s needs, the Russian Navy trained a team of Indian naval officers on it in early 2010 and handed it over to its Indian counterpart on Dec. 30.

As per an earlier schedule, the submarine was expected to join the Indian Navy in late 2011 but this was delayed by an accident on the submarine, Indian Navy sources told Express.

Though a dispute arose between India and Russia consequent to the accident, they resolved that the agreement will hold good and the transfer will be implemented as per schedule. “Chakra will in all likelihood be commissioned into the Indian Navy in the first week of Feb.

“This will make India the sixth nation in the world to have a nuclear-powered attack submarine,” sources said.

The submarine has a dual hull and sails at a speed of 10 knots on surface waters with a maximum speed of 30 knots under water, sources said.

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