Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thales will supply equipment for three frigates FREMM

April 16, 2010, in for Galante

Thales has signed a value not declared to supply three frigates from the navies of France with radar systems for search and tracking systems, sonar and communications, according to a spokesman for the company.

The unit price of FREMM frigate, based on the initial order for 17 ships of the Marine Nationale, was € 388.5 million (U.S. $ 526 million), totaling € 8.51 billion, but France has reduced the number of vessels to 11, which will raise the unit price. Thales equipment equivalent to one quarter of the total value of the ship.

The contract signed on March 16, announced on April 12, bringing the total to 11 ships FREMM that Thales will equip you to DCNS, the "prime contractor" of the French program.

France, under budget pressure, cut the total number of frigates from 17 to 11, clearing the land attack version, and assigning the task of air defense for two vessels.

The company said the new contract will reflect new assignments for the FREMM frigates, 9 version antissubmarino and two anti-aircraft version.
France and Italy together the frigate designed FREMM of 6.000t. The two navies share 25% of the equipment of vessels, compared with 90% commonality Program Frigates "Horizon."

Under a separate agreement, joint venture, Thales Elettronica, Sigen, will produce electronic warfare equipment, including detection, blocking systems and deception (decoys) for the FREMM program.

The Orrizonte Sistemi Navali is the "prime contractor" of FREMM of Italy, who bought six ships from a total of 10 originally planned.

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