Friday, December 31, 2010

Spanish Navy frigate Alvaro de Bazan Class 5th Air Defense Roger de Lauria (F105)

Spain's air defense frigate F100 Alvaro de Bazan Class Burnham Roger de Lauria (F105).

The Álvaro de Bazán class (also known as the F100 class of frigates) are a new class of Aegis combat system-equipped air defense frigates entering service with the Spanish Navy. They are being built in the Spanish factory of Ferrol and are named after Admiral Álvaro de Bazán.

The ships utilize American Aegis weapons technology allowing them to track hundreds of airborne targets simultaneously as part of its air defense network. The F100 Alvaro de Bazan class multirole frigate is one of the few non-US warships to carry the Aegis Combat System and its associated AN/SPY-1 radar. (Japan's Kongo class and the F100-derived Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen class of frigates also use the Aegis system.)

The F100 will be the basis of the Australian Hobart class destroyer (previously known as the "Air Warfare Destroyer"). The Australian government announced in June 2007 that, in partnership with Navantia, three F100 vessels will be built for the Royal Australian Navy with the first due for delivery in 2014.

Lockheed Martin, Navantia and the U.S. Navy are conducting final systems integration.

The Alvaro de Bazan class frigates are the first modern vessels of the Spanish Navy to incorporate ballistic resistant steel in the hull, along with the power plants being mounted on anti-vibration mounts, reducing the noise and making them less detectable by submarines.

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