Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tomahawk against underground targets

The U.S. recently tested a new head of war called JMEW (Joint Multi-Effects Warhead System) in its Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The new warhead of 450 kilograms (1,000 pounds) was designed to penetrate underground bunkers (bunkers), but also cause a greater destructive effect on targets less robust. The exact power of penetration has not yet been revealed.

The JMEW uses laser terminal guidance, giving the missile a few meters and against moving targets. The Tomahawk Block IV can be reprogrammed in flight to reach another target and takes a video camera to check out prospective targets.

The RGM-109E Block IV Surface Ship Vertical Launched Tomahawk Land Attack Missile weighs 1.2 tons, is 6 feet long and range of 1.600km. It flies at altitudes 600-900km/ha 17-32m, propelled by a small jet engine. Accuracy is the same as the JDAM bomb (CEP 10m).

In pictures, the destroyer USS Sterett (DDG104) firing a Tomahawk missile.

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