Friday, August 12, 2011

Chinese aircraft carrier left port for the first time for sea trials

The Xinhua news agency said the Chinese aircraft carrier (ex- Varyag ) left the port of Dalian this morning (10 / 8) for the first time for the racing to the sea.
Chronology of the first Chinese aircraft carrier

1992: The Soviet Union stopped construction of the Varyag , an aircraft carrier Kuznetsov class that was 60 percent complete. The ship was later transferred to Ukraine.

April 1998: Ukraine puts the Varyag for auction. A Chinese Travel Agency Chong Lot acquires the ship for $ 20 million to use as a "casino" in Macau.

2001: Ukraine sells a prototype naval fighter Sukhoi Su-33 to the Shenyang Aircraft Corp.

March 2002: The ship arrives at Dalian Shipyard, China.

June 2005: the ship begins to reform.

September 2008: China announces that 50 pilots were inducted in the Dalian Naval Academy to receive flight training aircraft for shipped.

2009: a mock-up of the Varyag is built at the Naval Research Center Huangjie Lake near Wuhan, Wuhan, China.

2010: photos embarcadp fighter J-15 Flying Shark, similar to the Su-33, began circulating on the Internet.

April 2011: one site People's Daily reports the Varyag entered its final stage, the hull is painted blue-gray, standard for all Chinese naval ships.

June 7: General Chen Bingde, Chief of General Staff of the People's Liberation Army of China, admitted in an interview with the Chinese language newspaper in Hong Kong, China has an aircraft carrier program.

July 27: The Chinese Defense Ministry officially confirmed that the Varyag is being renovated as an "experiment in scientific research, and training ships."

July 29: Gen. Luo Yuan, a senior fellow of the Academy of Military Sciences, the Beijing News said that China would need a minimum of three aircraft carriers.

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